Customized Open tees for your gym designed by the OG CULTURE team.

We want to spread the word about the OG CULTURE and hope to get as many gyms as possible repping the OG CULTURE during this year's open.

Low minimum order of 24 pieces for custom.


To participate in this program there are just a few simple steps to complete.

1.Reach out to to get your affiliate name added to our list.
No Later than Jan 2.

2. To order custom athlete tees you need to order a minimum of 24 shirts. If you cannot order 2, we can offer a discount on our standard OPEN tee.

3. Orders need to be entered through our website no later than January 23rd to ensure delivery by the first week of the OPEN.

Open Affiliate Series FAQ's

How does the Program Work?

We have a predesigned Tee and Tank option that will allow you to see a Customized tee that features your affiliate name. Simply submit your Affiliate information through our email to signup. This must be completed by January 2nd 2023.

Is there a minimum apparel order?

To be able to get a customized edition you must be able to order 24 shirts. We can offer you a standard version at a discount if you are unable to order this QTY.

Will my members get the orders in time for The Open?

Yes orders must be submitted by January 23rd to be able to receive the order by the first week of the open. If you are located outside the US please contact us for details.

I don't need a custom affiliate shirt, but I still want to support the initiative.

You will be able to purchase a standard OPEN tee through the OG Culture website.

Join the Open Affiliate Series